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AFO | Academia Film Olomouc je mezinárodní festival populárně-vědeckého a dokumentárního filmu | Academia film Olomouc
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Programme of AFO 2017

Programme of AFO 2017


The international film festival Academia Film Olomouc (AFO) will take place from April 25–30, 2017. The Future Is Now! is not just the main slogan of the futuristic 52nd installment, but also the summary of the entire program. A record number of over 3 000 science-documentary films was submitted into three competition sections this year. The festival also launches a new Czecho-Slovakia competition.

“Many people think that the topics covered by the festival such as the environment, artificial intelligence, robotics or global warming are a thing of the future, a problem of next generations. This could not be further from the truth. The future is now and we are in the spotlight, all of us need to take action. As Stephen Hawking put it—we are at the most fascinating and dangerous moment in the history of human species,” says the program director Jakub Ráliš in describing the message and philosophy of AFO52.


Some of the films from the production of HBO and National Geographic will have an exclusive Czech premiere on AFO. The film festival of Palacky University in Olomouc will also show the activist documentary Before the Flood, produced by the Academy Award winner Leonardo DiCapro, and the highly anticipated TV series Genius about the life and work of Albert Einstein, which was shot in many areas of the Czech Republic. The epic 3D wildlife adventures will be a thrill for all ages—the premiere of Predators, from the creators of the successful “critter western” Tiny Giants, or the highly immersive Earthflight 3D, from the visionaries at BBC.

The program team had to choose from the record number of 3 000 science-documentary films submitted to the festival from all over the world. In the end, they picked exactly 52 of them—19 into the International Competition, 16 into Czecho-Slovakia Competition and 17 into Short Film Competition.


I am glad that Czech and Slovak productions are unified in a single competition. We want to increase the quality of the competition and also unite Czech and Slovak scientists and filmmakers. That is why we launched the Czecho-Slovakia Competition, whose main feature is the mutually understandable language of the productions,” adds Ráliš.


AFO52 will also present the most dense music program yet—the festival’s soundtrack will be curated by Radio Wave Live Session in the historic Corpus Christi Chapel and amongst others will feature the winners of the Czeching talent competition—VR/NOBODY and Himalayan Dalai Lama. Also headlining will be the futuristic beat maker Karaoke Tundra, presenting his latest album Futurologický Kongres, or feminist DJ group A C I D W I T C H.


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