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Někteří z hostů AFO51


  James Carpenter works with the Lunar Exploration Team in the European Space Agency to prepare the coming era of lunar exploration. He is a physicist with experience in space instrument development, planetary and space sciences and both human and robotic space exploration. James works to lead science and utilization efforts for lunar platforms and engage with the users of space exploration, be they scientists, private enterprises or those preparing long term plans for human spaceflight.

  Dickson Despommier conducted laboratory-based biomedical research at Columbia University for 28 years. He is Emeritus Professor at Columbia University and Adjunct Professor at Fordham University. He has have always been interested in the ecological process and the damage humans have caused to the environment by means of encroachment. He is currently engaged in a project whose mission is to produce significant amounts of food crops in tall buildings situated in densely populated urban centres. There are now hundreds of vertical farms scattered throughout the world.

  Ing. Dana Drábová, PhD. graduated of the field of dosimetry at Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague. She worked at the Centre for Hygiene Facilities at the State Health Institute as a researcher and later as Deputy Head of the National Reference Laboratory for Internal Contamination and Deputy Head of the Centre for Radiation Monitoring Network. In 2000 she won the FNSPE doctorate in nuclear physics. In late 2006, she was a three-year mandate, elected President of the Western European Nuclear Regulators Association.

  Kateřina Falk is a scientific researcher specializing in plasma physics, who is currently working on the ELI Beamlines project within the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Prior to the ELI project, she worked at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the USA. She studied at the Imperial College London and completed her PhD at the University of Oxford. She returned to the Czech Republic from Great Britain a year ago because of the ELI Beamlines project, which is now under construction just south of Prague.

  Jaroslav Flegr is an evolutionary biologist, originator of the well-known theory of frozen evolution, he deals with macroevolutionary models and researches the influence parasites have on the behaviour of their human host. He is the author of more than a hundred scientific articles and five books, including Frozen Evolution: Or, That’s Not the Way It Is, Mr. Darwin which was awarded Magnesia Litera award in the non-fiction category.

  Pamela Gay is an astronomer, writer, and podcaster focused on using new media to engage people in science and technology. Through, she engages people in learning and participating in science. She is best known as co-host of Astronomy Cast, a weekly podcast that takes a fact-based journey through our cosmos. CosmoQuest is a virtual research institute that invites the public to learn and due science. Join NASA scientists in mapping other worlds, take small classes with leading researchers, and help explore our universe at

  Jord den Hollander is a Dutch architect and filmmaker. After obtaining his Master’s degree in architecture, he studied scriptwriting at the London Film School. In his professional career he combines both disciplines in numerous projects. He established the Architecture and Film Festival Rotterdam (AFFR) in 1999 which has become the largest and most influential festival of its kind in the world.

  Přemysl Jiruška is a scientist who focuses in his research on elucidation of the mechanisms which are responsible for epilepsy and epileptic seizures. In addition, he is interested in development of new techniques and approaches how to treat epilepsy. Institute of Physiology CAS (IPHYS) is Czech Republic‘s leading research institution in the field of normal and pathological physiology. The mission of the institute is focused on the research of human diseases to obtain the fundamental knowledge about their mechanisms and to develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

  James Kakalios is the Taylor Distinguished Professor in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Minnesota and the author of THE PHYSICS OF SUPERHEROES. His research is in experimental condensed matter physics, spanning the nano to the neuro. He has been reading comic books longer than he has been studying physics. James Kakalios, physics professor will present, in a fun and engaging talk, the physics of space and gravity, using Superman, Giant Monster comics and Star Wars as examples.

  Prof. Mark McCaughrean is Senior Science Advisor in the Directorate of Science at the European Space Agency. He is also responsible for communicating results from ESA’s astronomy, heliophysics, planetary and fundamental physics missions to the scientific community and wider general public. He has worked in the UK, US, Germany, & Netherlands. He studies the formation of stars and their planetary systems, and he is an Interdisciplinary Scientist for the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope.

  Em. Prof. Marc Van Montagu is a pioneer in plant molecular biology. He has made major contributions to the identification of genes involved in plant growth, development and flowering. He was Founding Member and Member of the Board of Directors of two Belgian biotech companies, spin-offs from his laboratory, Plant Genetic System (PGS) and CropDesign. Currently he is President of the European Federation of Biotechnology and of the Public Research and Regulation Initiative, and Chairman of the Institute of Plant Biotechnology Outreach. In October 2013 he was awarded the World Food Prize.

  Osamu Okamura is an architect, the programme director of the international festival and conference for more habitable cities reSITE and delivers lectures at the Architectural Institute in Prague. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture (2000) and the Academy of Fine Arts (2003) in Prague. He worked as the chief editor for ERA21 magazine between 2005 and 2012. He is also the official nominator of the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award - for the Czech Republic. He is also a member of the Metropolitan Sounding Board of Prague City Council in issues of urban development, architecture and public space.

  Daniela de Paulis is a member of the international SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) committe, a speaker for SETI and culture and a member of METI (Messaging to Extraterrestrial Intelligence) International and an interdisciplinary artist. She exhibits internationally, often collaborating with other artists, scientists and radio amateurs. She is currently guest researcher at ASCA (Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis), the University of Amsterdam, and artist in residence at the Dwingeloo radio telescope in the Netherlands.

  Douglas Vakoch PhD. is President of METI International, a research organization devoted to Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence (METI) and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). He has edited a dozen books and serves as general editor of Springer’s book series Space and Society. Dr. Vakoch is an elected member of the International Institute for Space Law and his work has been featured in print and broadcast media including Science, Nature, the BBC, and The Discovery Channel.
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