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Call for Projects 2016

Call for Projects 2016

Do you plan a film with a touch of science? Do you lack experience with science docs' market but you have a science topic in mind?

Apply for the Camp 4Science with your science documentary project and find out more about the way science docs are developed, produced, financed and distributed on the international market.

Application deadline: February 19th , 2016

Download your application form here...

Participation is free of charge.

Why to apply?
Science documentary films use a unique way of storytelling, often involving a presenter or animation tools that shed a light on abstract or micro/macro phenomenons. They require a unique research approach and particular production planning. There are special science documentary slots within European broadcasting system and also particular problems to solve. However, what is the most striking, science docs can often reach for alternative funding and distribution outlets unavailable to other types of documentaries.


The first and internationally unique training and co-financing event enrolls for its 3rd edition. Camp 4 Science will once again focus on the development and funding of science documentary films with a special emphasis on Central and Eastern Europe.

With the help of experienced international experts, participating directors and producers will develop their theme, storytelling and visual style of their projects. Special emphasis will be given to the most suitable funding possibilities, broadcasters and their recent science slots, specialized markets and distribution channels.

The programme will include interactive group sessions as well as in-depth individual meetings with key European science docs experts; thematic sessions (animation techniques, storytelling, interactive elements, financial sources for science docs); case studies of outstanding science docs that recently reached wide international audience as well as the unique examples of science docs from Central and Eastern Europe (former Camp´s participants).

The final day of the Camp 4Science will be dedicated to round table presentations where the participants will introduce their projects to the international commissioning editors, funds and festival representatives.


Where: Olomouc, Czech Republic; at Industry 4 Science section of Academia Film Olomouc (AFO)

When: April 18 - 23, 2016


Who can apply:

- Teams of producers and directors who work on development or production of a science documentary film.

- Both experienced filmmakers as well as those who are just starting with science documentary genre.

- Fluent English is required.

- Teams from Central and Eastern Europe, app. 1-2 projects will be selected from West European countries.


Aim: In past 25 turbulent years, Central and East European countries made a great progress in documentary filmmaking and got widely connected with the international market. However, that doesn´t apply to science docs. A local broadcaster hardly ever invest into more ambitious science films and the local production is repressed by lack of funding as well as lack of experience, skills and contacts. Camp 4 Science aims to change this situation. It strives to encourage local producers and filmmakers to explore this documentary genre to get connected with other science documentary film professionals, researchers and scientists, to develop their ideas and find new topics. In the long term, Camp 4Science’s goal is to boost the science documentary film production in Eastern and Central Europe.


Camp 4Science is a part of Industry 4 Science at Academia Film Olomouc that currently ranks among top European festivals focusing on science documentaries. Its major goal is to present up-to-date information from all spheres of knowledge and thus promote science to the general public, young audiences, and film and television professionals.


Please don´t hesitate to contact me in case you have any questions.

Hana Křepelková Rezková


Camp 4 Science

+420 777 240 005



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