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AFO | Academia Film Olomouc je mezinárodní festival populárně-vědeckého a dokumentárního filmu | Academia film Olomouc

AFO52 awarded an independent Russian filmmaker and welcomed 5.603 visitors


The Future Is Over!

The highlight of the Academi Film Olomouc Award Ceremony was the independent Russian documentary Lake Vostok filmed by director Ekaterina Eremenko. The film portrays an extreme scientific research in the prehistoric lake.

The Innogy Award for the Best Czechoslovak Film landed in the hands of The Hunt for Parkinson's, a documentary film on the unsuspected possibilities of a cooperation between top neurologists and electrotechnics.

The audience’s choice was the epic family adventure Incredible Predators 3D and AFO gave an award to CERN - The
 European Organization for Nuclear Research. This year, AFO52 welcomed 5.602 spectators!


 “When choosing an institution, we simply awarded one of the most amazing scientific deeds in the history of humanity. CERN is a glowing example of the fact that if people team up, they are capable of creating incredibly exceptional things,” Jakub Ráliš explained. Anna Godinho, the head of Education, Communication and Outreach at CERN, received the prize in person. The Award Ceremony took place in Fort Science and was hosted by actor Tomáš Hanák.

The best international science documentary endeavour was the Russian film Lake Vostok on the life of the research team in the midst of one of the most legendary regions of the Southern Hemisphere. “This year, following the jury’s decision, we awarded primarily independent filmmakers which makes us extremely happy! The extraordinary documentary film Lake Vostok was created in the span of incredible 18 years and the festival award will help it fundamentally along its journey. AFO thus truly fulfils one of its main goals: helping to bring to the world more high-quality popular science films,” said the programme director Jakub Ráliš.

This year’s Academia Film Olomouc handed out 8 official awards and 4 honourable mentionsEuropean Science Film Award (EURASF) joined the ranks of the main awards and was given to the documentary film The Origami Code by French director Francois-Xavier Vives. The film is extraordinary in both form and content. It sees the traditional folding techniques through the prism of science and maps various fields where the art of Origami can be employed within the realms of medicine, robotics, mathematics and even in the research of the origin of the universe.

“Quite a few significant European science festivals, including Academia Film Olomouc, came together to bring the award to life. It could be viewed as a parallel to the American Oscars as well as a brilliant tool to promote not only the individual documentaries and festivals, but the whole genre of science documentary film. It’s an immense honour that it was during AFO52 at Palacký University Olomouc, where Johan van de Woestijne from the InScience festival in Nijmegen, Netherlands handed over the award,” explains AFO festival director Matěj Dostálek. The handover of the unique European award will continue to travel through the festivals.

By the beginning of 2017, more than 3.000 films were submitted to AFO52. The programme team chose 52 competition films and divided them into three main categories: International Competition / Czech and Slovak Competition / Short Film Competition. In total, the festival screened 150 films and was visited by 5.603 accredited viewers.


 “I am very pleased that even this year the unmistakable AFO atmosphere once again substantially enriched Olomouc social life. Despite the inclemency of the weather, the festival centre pulsed with an exceptional energy already traditionally present at AFO thanks to the perfect interaction between our spectators, our guests and the organisation team overwhelmingly formed by the Palacký University students,concludes Dostálek, inviting us at the next year’s AFO >>> in April 2018, #AFO53 will venture below the sea level.


Complete List of #AFO52 Winners
8 official awards and 4 honourable mentions

Award for outstanding personal contribution to the popularization of science: Jiří Grygar (czech astronomer) 

Award for outstanding contribution to the popularization of science - institution: CERN - The European Organization for Nuclear Research

Audience Award: Incredible Predators 3D

European Science Film Award (EURASF): The Origami Code

RCPTM Award for the Best International Science Documentary Film: Lake Vostok: At the Mountains of Madness
Honourable Mention of the International Competition Jury: The Joy of Data / Before the Flood

Innogy Award for the Best Czech and Slovak Science Documentary Film: One Step Towards the Absolute: The Hunt for Parkinson's
Honourable Mention of the Czech and Slovak Competition Jury: Life among the Clouds

Award for the Best Short Science Documentary Film: Below 0°
Honourable Mention of the Short Film Competition Jury: Guilty, Me?

Palacký University Student Jury Award: Bugs – Natures Little Superheroes


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AFO handed over a European science Oscar to a film connecting science and art!
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