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AFO | Academia Film Olomouc je mezinárodní festival populárně-vědeckého a dokumentárního filmu | Academia film Olomouc

AFO in Krakow Addressed the Future of Popular Science Cinematography


For the second time, we were collaborating with the Krakow Film Festival and its scientific DOC+SCIENCE section with the aim to ensure bright future of popular science cinematography in Central Europe.
AFO in Krakow Addressed the Future of Popular Science Cinematography

Our goal was to summarise the options for obtaining funds, strengthen the overview in the distribution channels and, on the whole, to give a number of promising filmmakers a helping hand with bringing their own popular science film productions to a successful end. Thanks to their Camp 4Science networking platform, the representatives of the Academia Film Olomouc Festival managed to establish a fully-fledged cooperation with the Krakow Film Festival. At the turn of May and June, they introduced the present and most importantly the potential future of the specific and increasingly popular cinematography during the extensive conference programme of the festival in the historical centre of Poland.    

Krakow + Olomouc

"At AFO, we want to keep presenting the best that the popular science cinematography has to offer, but at the same time, we realise that we also need to give impulses for the future. Primarily in the Central European Region, we want to encourage the realisation of new films and be at their birth. The cooperation on the programme of a such renowned festival with an almost 60-year tradition provides us with a wonderful opportunity. What is more, we have a unique chance to introduce AFO Festival, Palacký University and also Olomouc which is in the mutual partnership with Krakow," says Matěj Dostálek, the Director of the AFO Festival and the Head of the Centre for Popularisation of Science and Research at the Faculty of Science at Palacký University.  


The Best of Foreign Countries and the Czech Republic

The result of the joint collaboration has become the part of the Polish festival programme, in which, among others, made their speeches Christine Reisen, the dramaturg of the Pariscience Festival, Jonathan Williams from the BBC Earth, or Czech filmmakers Zdeněk Holý and Radim Procházka, who was awarded the RWE prize for the best Czech Pop-Science Film at AFO 2014 for the document Whose Is My Child. In Poland, AFO eventually introduced an epic spectacle Wild Africa 3D which during the 51st year of the festival (Audience Award) perfectly demonstrated with its vigour that popular science cinematography can carry away the broadest public to science and education.

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