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AFO | Academia Film Olomouc je mezinárodní festival populárně-vědeckého a dokumentárního filmu | Academia film Olomouc

#AFO52 will dream (not only) of robots!


This April you are going to meet a robot battery in Olomouc as well! Everything related to the arrival of metal men and artificial intelligence in technical, scientific or social way will be revealed in both a sombre and optimistic program section that really keeps a finger on the pulse of time – R.U.R. that is Robotics & Unnatural Reason!

Apart from the film segment presented below, many academic experts will come to discuss their field of work – the robotics. At the lecture of the Manchester boffin Ross D. King you will discover the possibilities of the “roboscientists” in the cancer research and other medicine issues.


Another guest is scientist Susan Schneider who is going to elaborate on the view on the issue of artificial consciousness. This is, however, far from the end!


The main guest-star will be *the Japanese robo-scientist Hiroshi Ishiguro.* This statement has more meanings at the same time – you can be familiar with Ishiguro from the five years old information that he basically built a robot ACCORDING TO HIS OWN APPEARANCE.


Although the result more or less came from the uncanny valley domain, Ishiguro as the director of the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory from the University of Osaka occupies himself just with the human-robotic interaction and the way how to IMPROVE the robots’ abilities to look more like humans.


This man (?) creates Cylons – he only calls them geminoids, in his thesis.


We, robots

And now to the film segment. A film made by the world expert Werner Herzog named Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World reveals historical background of the robots’ advent and the acceleration of their development thanks to the internet.


On the other hand, in the documentary Rise of the Robots you will see the course of the DARPA Robotic Challenge, where various teams of the world are one-upping each other in how to assemble the best-working walking machines. Another documentary The Human Robot uncovers the joys and sorrows of the development of robots similar to Homo sapiens.


The human-like machines hide a whole range of unexpected possibilities. The documentary I Am Alice thus concerns with the application of AI robotics to the senior social care. Where this leads to shows the film How to Build a Human that compares fictional technology of the sci-fi series Humans with contemporary possibilities…

By all means, the end of April in Olomouc is going to be “severe” and mechanical.






Ladislav Loukota

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