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AFO | Academia Film Olomouc je mezinárodní festival populárně-vědeckého a dokumentárního filmu | Academia film Olomouc

WATCH&KNOW: escalating (emo)spot from #AFO51


Vít Hradil, the video clip maker and frequent collaborator with the iconic PSH and Vladimira 518, filmed an emotional video about the largest popular science film festival Academia Film Olomouc.
WATCH&KNOW: escalating (emo)spot from #AFO51

One second you are watching Douglas Vakoch as a focused "speaker of the Earth", the next thing you see are tens of enthusiastic viewers, and all of this is followed by Stormtrooper from Star Wars, masterfully patrolling Olomouc at night and becoming acquainted with the mirror wall. And all of a sudden, you find yourself in a completely different genre as you are witnessing beautiful whales being hunted by hunters or tragic views on oceans in flames.


Within just two minutes, Vít Hradil, who among others filmed with David Koller, the frontman of the Lucie music band, perfectly manages to capture the events and atmosphere of the 51st year of the AFO Festival. At the same time, he precisely captures the philosophy and intention of the festival itself by putting emphasis on the current and positive as well as pressing topics and by questioning our own future.  


I have a feeling that this is the first time I have carried off so much food for thought and also some sort of heaviness from a festival. I might be putting it strongly but when I was thinking what I had seen and heard at this year's AFO, it was clear to me what the final editing must look like. Starting from guests and viewers in high spirits and going on to great films dealing with topics that are not pleasant at all but it is essential to talk about them. Which is exactly what AFO is all about," describes its author the inception of the edited version which in culminating conclusion highlights the traditional and also absolutely central motto of the international festival of science documentary films - Watch&Know.     


From Tuesday, 25 to Sunday, 30 April 2017. This is when #AFO52 will take place. Several shots in the current editing suggest the topic of the next year festival. Try to have a guess. The only hint we will give you is that there are hands involved in those moments. But not just any hands


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