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Palacký University

Influence of this second oldest university in the Czech Republic, after the Charles University, reached not only Moravia and Silesia, but also not once the lands of Austria, Germany, Poland, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. Its history dates back to 1566 to the founding of a Jesuit College, which in 1573 received all the rights as other European universities. The old university is connected with many names of excellent scientists, e.g. Jakub Kresa (“Euclid of the West“), the founder of genetics Gregor Mendel, the astronomer Karel Slavíček (in service of the Chinese emperor), the duke Albrecht von Wallenstein, the legendary general and adventurer, was also the student of the Olomouc university.



Presently the Palacký University is formed by seven faculties: St. Cyril and Methodius Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Medicine, Philosophical Faculty, Faculty of Science, Pedagogical Faculty, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Physical Culture and Faculty of Law. Approximate number of professors is 1300 and that of students is 17 600. The dominant status of the Palacký University gives the historical Olomouc a character of a typical academic city. The attractive ancient city and its inspiring cultural spirit mutually complement with modern research methods that are offered by the faculties’ scientific workplaces. What is symbolical is by the newest technology equipped Information Centre with a library, audiovisual centre, computer centre and the publishing house of the university, situated in the former baroque armoury from the times of Maria Theresa. The academia as well as public utilizes the Art Centre of the Palacký University, situated in the monumental baroque complex of the old Olomouc university. It houses fine art departments of the Philosophical Faculty and Faculty of Education. It is its unrepeatable atmosphere that makes Olomouc a place of international conferences and festivals.


The Department of Theatre and Film Studies

The Department of Theatre and Film Studies is one of 14 departments of the Philosophical Faculty at Palacký University in Olomouc. Art theory and history and sociology of culture have been taught at the university since 1946 and they were continually taught in a limited extent even during the 1950s after Pedagogical University was established. During a forced reorganization of study programs after 1968, the art theory and history studies underwent several changes. Full-featured studies were revived in 1990.




The independent department was founded owing to its first head Doc. Jiří Stejskal in 1992, detaching itself from the Department of Art Studies and giving rise to the Department of Theory and History of Dramatic Arts. In 2005, the department was renamed with the consent of Academic Senate to the Department of Theater, Film and Media Studies. The institution is situated in a newly reconstructed building of the Art Center of the Palacky University and, owing to this, possesses modern technical facilities. Among advantages of the department, its specialization in the history of Czech cinema, film theory and heuristics and at the same time extensive practical trainings for students may be mentioned. In 2014, the name of the department was changed to the Department of Theater and Film Studies.







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