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AFO | Academia Film Olomouc je mezinárodní festival populárně-vědeckého a dokumentárního filmu | Academia film Olomouc
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Programme of AFO 2017

Programme of AFO 2017

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Bugs - Natures Little Superheroes

26.04.2017 13:30 | Screening
Czech title :
Brouci - Malí supehrdinové přírody
English title :
Bugs - Natures Little Superheroes
Venue :
Metropol Cinema
Sokolská 25,Olomouc
Country of origin :
Year of production :
Film length :
52 min.
Producer :
a&o buero-filmproduktion GmbH
Distributor :
a&o buero-filmproduktion GmbH
Directing :
Björn Platz
Film script :
Björn Platz
Cinematography :
Christian Eichenauer
Editing :
Ramon Urselmann
Sound :
Alexander Czart
Webpage :
Programme section :International Competition
English friendly :Yes

Insects are a pest? Think again. This visually stunning science documentary shows how these tiny geniuses can help us solve some of science and engineering’s biggest problems – from building lighter and stronger structures to growing transplant tissue and killing multidrug-resistant bacteria. About time we took a closer look at why insects are so successful. Nature has equipped them with an amazing range of tricks to stay alive in a world where everybody else is out to seek their little lives. Some of them produce the strongest and most versatile materials on earth to protect their bodies. Others have the most effective immune systems of the animal kingdom – far better than ours. And some have developed ingenious solutions to turn waste into energy. Wouldn’t it be great to learn some of their tricks? We discover their pharmaceutical ingenuity and learn about their ability to produce super-strong materials. Their world holds amazingly clever solutions to our everyday problems.

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