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AFO | Academia Film Olomouc je mezinárodní festival populárně-vědeckého a dokumentárního filmu | Academia film Olomouc
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Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines


The 52nd issue of Academia Film Olomouc, International Festival of Science Documentary Films, will take place from April 25 to April 30, 2017 in Olomouc, Czech Republic. The festival is organized by the Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic.





- The festival accepts science films from all over the world, and of any length. The submission of a film is free of charge. The film can be submitted only by the holder of audiovisual fixation rights to the film in terms of § 80 of the Act No. 121/2000 Coll. on Copyright, Rights Related to Copyright and on the Amendment of Certain Laws (Copyright Act), as amended, required for festival presentation (producer, distributor, sales, or director).



What is a science documentary film for AFO? Science documentary films present the results of systematic observation and exploration of the world in us and around us. Films focused on scientists as professionals or personalities are also considered as science documentary films. The main theme of the film may also become science itself as an institution and a firm part of our society, including its ethical boundaries, methods and procedures.

- In case of seriesone episode or the whole series can be submitted. The festival reserves a right to select one episode of the submitted series for the competition.

- Submitted films/series must be produced after January 1, 2015.

- The deadline for submission is December 23, 2016.

- Films can be submitted only through ONLINE ENTRY FORM.

- By submitting the film, the applicant gives consent to a possible screening of the film in the competition held within AFO 2016.

A screener copy of the film must be received by January 16, 2017. We accept screener copies on DVDs, Blu-rays, or sent via data storages with the possibility to download the screener (e.g. We Transfer; copy must be available for download at least 7 days and eventual password must be attached). The address for screener DVDs or Blu-rays is:


Academia Film Olomouc
Univerzitni 3
771 47 Olomouc
Czech Republic


- The submitted film must be either in English or have English subtitles.

- Due to a large number of submissions, screener media will not be returned. By submitting the film in the competition held within Academia Film Olomouc, the applicant transfers free of charge the ownership of to the tangible medium containing the screener copy of the film to the organizers.


- All submitted films will automatically become part of the Doc. Port video library. The Doc. Port video library is part of the festival, open to guests, film professionals and accredited visitors during the festival in intangible electronic form.




- From all submitted films, the program board of the Festival selects films for the International Competition (films produced outside the Czech Republic), for the Czech Competition (films produced in the Czech Republic) and for the Short Film Competition (films produced outside the Czech Republic with a maximum running time of 30 minutes).

- Applicants of films selected for the competitions will be notified by email before February 17, 2017. If no notification has been received by that date, this means that the film has not been selected for any competition.

- Following the selection, the applicant will be asked to supply a screening copy of the film, a dialogue list in English, biography and filmography of the director and promotional materials (at least 2 stills from the film in minimal resolution of 300DPI, a trailer, possibly a pressbook, posters, etc.).

-The Festival must receive the screening copy prior to February 28, 2017. The address for screening copies is:


Academia Film Olomouc
Univerzitni 3
771 47 Olomouc
Czech Republic


- All customs duties and taxes incurred when sending packages with express couriers must be paid by the sender (the applicant).


- The Festival reserves the right to use segments of selected films up to 3 minutes for promotional purposes, incl. production of festival promo video, promotion in partner media and at the website address



- Selected films will be publicly screened during the festival, all the screenings are free. The winners of the statutory categories will be selected by four juries (The International jury, The Czech jury, The Student jury and The Short Film Competition jury). The AFO festival also gives the Audience Award, Lifelong Contribution to the Popularization of Science Award and can grant other non-statutory awards.

- The organizer, Palacky University in Olomouc (UP), also makes a public promise in terms of § 2884 that the festival will be simultaneously awarding a cash prize of 50.000,- CZK to the Best International Science Documentary Film selected by the International jury from films submitted to the International competition.The prize will be given to the authorized person/body who has submitted the film into the competition.The prize of 50.000,- CZK is donated by an organizational unit of UP The Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials of the Faculty of Sciences at UP. When the winner of the Award for the Best International Science Documentary Film has been announced, the organizer and the submitter of the winning film will sign a contract of donation of the above mentioned cash prize.

- By submitting the film, the applicant agrees with two, in case of the winning films, three, screenings free of charge, at the festival or its official echoes, and undertakes that if the film is selected by the organizer to any of the abovementioned competitions the applicant will submit the organizers on the basis of their call a written statutory declaration in which the applicant (producer, distributor or director) declares the ownership of the right to audiovisual fixation rights to the film in terms of § 80 of the Copyright Act, and that submission of the film was made by a person authorized to act on behalf of the applicant. In case this called for statutory declaration is not provided by the applicant, the film submitted by the applicant will be excluded from the competition.

- In case of damage to or loss of a print or Betacam cassettes during the Festival, the Festival is only responsible for the costs involved in making a new print/copy according to the current laboratory rates for ordering a standard print in the Czech Republic.

- The festival copy will be returned during the 4 weeks following the end of the festival. The recipient will be notified by the Festival of the sending of the copy. DVD and Blu-ray copies will be sent back on request only.

- In case a film that has not been selected for competition, displays exceptional qualities, the program board may decide upon its screening in the non-competitive program of the festival. In this case, the production/distribution company will be notified and asked for permission.


By submitting a film the applicant agrees with all above mentioned regulations.



Contact information:

Shipping coordinator:

Gabriela Knyblova
tel.: 00420 725 931 611



Academia Film Olomouc
Univerzitni 3
771 47 Olomouc
Czech Republic 

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